In the sanctuary we have a Pearl Session Custom with Evans Heads

EMAD batter coated & EQ3 Resonant Black

G2 Coated Batter
G1 Clear Resonant

K Heavy Ride 20"
K Custom Fast Crash 18"
K Custom Dark Crash 17"
K Custom Dark HiHat top/bottom 14

We also use the Roland SPD-SX for various things at church and use it a lot for our acoustic service.

On our albums from now on we'll generally use all triggers from  Steven Slate because right now we feel there's no way we'll get drums to sound that good EVER! Hahah!

Using DDrum triggers with the DDTI into the SSD4 software in the studio is great! Working with Midi for quantizing is great in post and quick easy editing... Could use it live in church but we'd rather use our computers for Keyboards! :)

For our live stream of our services we use the TRIGGER plug-in from Steven Slate and dial the settings in for that.

The only time right now that we'll ever use the real drum sound on albums is if the trigger has a hard time with the Snare work as heard on the song (Echoes) from With All As One.

Live in church currently we double mic the Kick with a Shure Beta 52 right through the hole on the Resonate head and a SM81 on a little stand inside of the kick pointed toward the beater a few inches away that gives us a nice slap and quick attack from the drum. Also we have one EQ pad from Evans inside the kick.

Toms & Snare mics - SM57s currently 
Overheads mics - Two Neumann TLM 103 
Hi- Hat - Shure SM81 

Hope this really helps you guys.

Feel free to email me at: or comment below!

-Vincent Griffith
 Music Director