Teresa, pictured on the left, is the Director of our newly opened preschool/daycare, Cre8tive Kids Campus. She has been working in education for 19 years (and counting)! She has worked with all different age groups, and has a great deal of experience in education administration. She strongly believes that all children who attend preschool will be better prepared for Kindergarten and Elementary school, and with the assistance of other educators at Cre8tive Kids Campus (or CKC for short), Teresa has brought a very modern approach to pre-k learning. Several lessons in the CKC curriculum are taught using iPads and Apple TV, which is meant to engage and stimulate students using modern popular technology.

   Teresa's favorite part about being the CKC director is being around kids. She loves watching them grow and progress, knowing that she helped in their success. Her favorite thing about children is how loving they are, and how fun they are to work with. And last but not least, her favorite thing about Cre8tive Kids Campus is...the staff! She says she is happy to be working with such an amazing group of people, and she can't wait to watch the school grow and thrive thanks to the big hearts that make it happen.

   Tammy, pictured on the right, is the CKC Assistant Director. She has been a pre-k teacher for more than 10 years, and has a strong passion for working with kids. She says her favorite thing about teaching is watching kids learn when they don't even realize they are learning. She feels accomplished seeing a child leave school with a smile on their face, knowing that they had fun while moving forward in their education. She enjoys teaching pre-k children because of how quickly they learn and apply things to their life. She lives to see that “Aha!” look on a student's face. She says that seeing a child with that sudden look of clarity after she's taught them something is what it's all about.

   What Tammy loves the most about the Cre8tive Kids Campus is that it's a Christian based preschool with a loving and friendly environment. She is excited and proud about being a part of a school that incorporates technology into the teaching, yet still uses traditional teaching methods to better prepare the students for Kindergarten, and far beyond. Most of all, she is thrilled to work at Cre8tive Kids Campus because she is confident that it's a program that can make a sincere, positive difference in the lives of the children who attend.